Making Agriculture Digitally Transformed

Digi Agri is focused towards agriculture transformation by More Crop - Per Drop, Per Acre, Per Dollar, Per Farmer.

Why Digi Agri

Why Digi Agri?

From a crop specific solution for smallholder farmers, there was a need of making agriculture itself digitally transformed to achieve More Crop – Per Drop, Per Acre, Per Dollar. The inclusion of cutting edge technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, Urban Farming, Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, and Blockchain etc. was very important so that Digi Agri can be recognized as a global product which provides holistic as well as specific solutions for all the ecosystem players of Agriculture by keeping farmers at the center.

What is Digi Agri?

Digi Agri has pioneered path-breaking Sustainable Agriculture Platform to enable farmers to be more profitable by growing more crop using minimum water, Per Drop, lesser land, Per Acre, and reducing cost of cultivation, Per Dollar. Digi Agri is a collaborative platform that strives to combine Digital Transformation Technologies (Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain, Computer Vision etc.), Innovative Business Model (Agriculture Platform As A Service), and Focused Human Efforts (Agriculture Insights, Products, and Services Delivery through Agripreneurs) to serve smallholder farmers. Digi Agri helps Agriculture Ecosystem players like Government, NGOs, AgTech Companies, Commodity Buyers, Crop Insurance Companies, Banks and Financial Institutions, Extension Service Providers, Co-Operatives & FPOs, Agri-Input Companies to deliver their services/products through data-driven decisions keeping farmers at the center.

What is Digi Agri

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