Making Agriculture Digitally Transformed

Digi Agri will assist you to unlock the potential of technology for making your services more impactful, sustainable and efficient.


Ensuring Best Technology Support in Policy Decision Making!

  • Strategic advisory to create incentive policy by real-time insights by leveraging technology
  • Domain expertise and technology helps us to aid local, provincial and federal government bodies in chalking out smart strategies & rolling out specific data-driven schemes
  • What, How, Where and When of technology can help in achieving your goals faster
  • Leveraging cutting edge digital technologies lead to enable our food growers more effectively
  • Impact assessments, government scheme monitoring using technology to ensure food security


Monitoring & Benchmarking of your Projects!

  • Leveraging technology provides you real-time visibility of on-ground activities
  • Technology has a big potential in optimizing development services
  • Combination of technology expertise & business intelligence allow us to advice you for implementing your projects in efficient manner
  • Real-time monitoring systems help you benchmark your project activities rigorously
  • Technology helps to deliver envisioned benefits to the targeted audience

Corporate Farming

Making your organization Sustainable & Impactful!

  • Optimization of your supply chain by leveraging efficient, trustable and transparent technology
  • Ensuring your involvement to ensure food security by new age digital agriculture like Hydroponics, Aeroponics and Aquaponics
  • Awareness of farming activities based upon credit rating of farmers through real-time insights can help finance & insurance companies to ensure risk mitigation
  • Assistance in creating data-driven organization by leveraging Big Data and delivering insights in actionable manner
Small & marginal Farmers

Small & Marginal Farmers

Hand holding throughout Cultivation Cycle!

  • Identification of right variety crops for your land
  • Date wise advisory for activities with relevant actionable data insights
  • Ensuring increase in your profitability through whole Farming process mapping
  • Making available genuine & relevant inputs at required time & market linkage for your harvest
  • Trust creation through technology intervention

Agri-Input Companies

Supply Chain Optimization!

  • Digital technology intervention helps in monitoring of your process
  • Supply chain management of your products as per understanding of demand
  • Trust creation amongst your farmers through more relevant and genuine product mapping
  • Economical outreach through demo & meetings on ground
  • Better future sales targeting based on data insights

Commodity Buyers

Creating your reach for quality food!

  • Efficient aggregation on a large-scale by technology intervention
  • Logistics will be planned in a better way for faster collection & lesser wastage
  • Data insights for monitoring of farming activities in real-time
  • Rewards for farmers with better value of their produce
  • Geo-traceability of commodity purchased across the value chain

Banks & Financial Institutions

Monitoring & Tracking of Credit!

  • Credit rating will help in market generation based upon farming activities
  • Financial support to farmers as per identification
  • Risk profiling of the farmer and its crop
  • Monitoring in real-time information for credit provide crop parameters
  • Financial inclusion will create trust for those who are at the bottom of the pyramid

Insurance Companies

Risk reduction through real-time monitoring!

  • Data insights for creating risk product based upon crop, farm & farmer
  • Last mile access to farmers by ensuring risk mitigation
  • Better risk profiling depending upon crop and farmerís farming activity background
  • Monitoring in real-time of the crop for which insurance is given
  • Dynamic premium pricing based upon risk assessment

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