Making Agriculture Digitally Transformed

Digi Agri products enable data-driven decision making for all the stakeholders through intelligent actionable insights in real-time to help them provide their services towards the farmers.

Digi Agri

Digital Transformation in Agriculture!

  • Hand holding of each farmer in the village through Agripreneur
  • Digitization of Farmers data with their farming activities
  • Throughout support for cultivation cycle with GAP
  • Actionable data insights for ecosystem players to serve farmers in a better way
  • Supply chain management for Agri Businesses
Digi Agri


Customized solution for each farmer!

  • Real-time tracking of your own farming activities
  • Complete knowhow of your Agri-Input Purchase with stage wise notifications
  • Training & education with digital technology for GAP including videos
  • Better & easy connect with other service providers of Agriculture Ecosystem
  • Geo-fenced land information to plan crop cultivation
Digi Agri

FPO Tracker

Making your farmers more profitable!

  • Digitization of your farmers data and farming activities
  • Real-time monitoring of farmers need based upon their planning of different crop cultivation through FPO Manager
  • Optimizing supply chain for your organization to make available required Agri-Inputs at the right time
  • Simplified Inventory Management integrated with FPO Manager’s Sales Plan
  • Actionable data insights with real-time monitoring of on-field activities through customized web dashboard
Digi Agri
FPO Tracker


Ensuring Best Policy & Project Monitoring!

  • Better policy formation through real-time on-ground insights for the Governments
  • Directly farmer connection to transfer benefits of the Government schemes
  • Disaster management by real-time feedback against prediction
  • Measurement of performance parameters to benchmark NGO activities
  • Achieving sustainable project outcome by better impact demonstrations to donors

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