Agriculture Eco-system Players



Digi Agri provides customized solutions for Agriculture Ecosystem Players keeping Food Security at the center


Trust, Efficiency & Transparency!

  • Monitoring of supply chain from Factory Gate to Farm Gate and Farm Gate to Fork
  • Real-time data insights to track the product journey throughout
  • Data driven decisions to supply as per demand
  • Tracking of the product till user opens it to use
  • Making sure of genuine products to avoid spurious products' availability
  • Value addition through each and every stakeholder throughout the journey of a product

Controlled Farming

Futuristic way of Urban Farms !

  • Allows crops to be grown at all times throughout the year as it is not weather dependent
  • Maximum yield can be achieved through Smart Aeroponics/Hydroponics
  • Required very less water as considered to be 10% only and reduces transportation costs which helps in lesser pollution
  • Smart Light as LED allows us to grow crops throughout day & night as photosynthesis can occur all the times
  • Constant monitoring for understanding the need of the macro, micro nutrients and smart pest management as optimized process to minimize and mitigate pest proliferation
  • Monitoring of various data points every harvest with predictive data analytics to minimize typical risk associated

Farm Calendar

Insightful Activities from Sowing to Harvesting!

  • Decisions based upon data insights
  • Activity customization through data
  • Focused cultivation process management with GAP training
  • Increased profitability as per market demand by process mapping
  • Making available genuine & relevant inputs
  • Trust creation through credit rating

Policy Planning

Ensuring Best Support in Policy Creation!

  • Better policy formation through real-time on-ground insights
  • Monitoring and control on schemes
  • Real-time analysis of impact on-ground
  • Directly farmer connection to transfer benefits
  • Better life for farmers through food security
  • Disaster management by real-time feedback against prediction


Quality Commodity Procurement!

  • Efficient aggregation through mapping of crop with farm & farmers
  • Knowhow of commodity purchase through geo-traceability
  • Better planning based upon predictive data
  • Efficient collection with minimum food loss for better logistics
  • Real-time monitoring of cultivation processes
  • Best deserved pricing of harvest as reward

Sales Intelligence

Making Available Desired Inputs!

  • New market identification for potential sales
  • Resource planning by optimized supply chain
  • Efficient delivery helps higher sales
  • Target future sales based upon data insights from the field
  • Demo planning to connect every farmer in economical manner
  • Relevant product as per demand mapping for efficient services


Project Measuring & Monitoring!

  • Understanding of current impact from project with compared to future impact
  • Measurement of performance parameters to benchmark
  • Achieving sustainable project outcome
  • Help farmers through solving real challenges
  • Better impact demonstration to donors with better reach
  • Real-time information helps in intervention for better management


Reliable Credit Rating Identification!

  • Cultivation cycle's visibility through real-time data insights
  • Risk profiling based upon farming activities
  • Planning for financial credit after understanding cultivation stagestruck
  • Better provisioning for distress through real-time insights from the field
  • Monitoring of activities being done for which credit is provided
  • Better life for farmers through financial inclusion


Risk reduction of Farm & Farmer

  • Correction of risk product by data
  • Real-time insights from the field ensures less fraud claims
  • Crop performance monitoring helps in identifying future liabilities
  • Premium based upon risk assessment and coverage of that scheme
  • Last mile access to farmers
  • Real-time insights minimized risks for insured & insurer

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