Making Agriculture Digitally Transformed

Digi Agri uses innovative technologies to ensure digitization in agriculture in a sustainable manner for the betterment of farmers as well as consumers.


Achieving Where Humans Failed!

Digi Agri achieves crop health monitoring using deep learning algorithms based on real-time data from sensors, satellite/drone images, on ground farming practices. Identification of potential defects in soil & plants and farming activity recommendations which includes crop/variety selection, crop protection and timing for sowing/irrigation/harvest. AI algorithms are used to predict yield, crop quality, input ide demand and output aggregation.


Big Data

Data Driven Decisions!

Digi Agri creates actionable insights to make data-driven decisions for meeting the relevant food demand. Analysis of huge different data from multiple parameters which can be integrated with agricultural knowledge from different resources. Decision models will be created as integrated farm models, crop growth models, water balance models, soil nutrition models, farm optimization models & risk assessment models.


Smart Monitoring System!

Digi Agri provides a system for monitoring the crop field with the help of sensors (light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture etc.) automating the irrigation system. The farmers can monitor the field conditions from anywhere which supports highly efficient Smart Farming. It provides benefits of efficient water usage and optimization of input/treatments.


Autonomous Vehicles

Precision Agriculture with Automation!

Digi Agri intends to use drones, Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) to create a smart integrated system through which real-time crop health images can be received for analysis and insights at the same time through the system, and drones can be used for automatic spray of nutrients/inputs. This application in farming helps in increase crop production and farm efficiency.


Sustainable Farming!

Digi Agri promotes sustainable farming by using technologies which can help to identify the crop patterns for recommendation. This recommendation is dependent upon complete knowhow about farmer's agri economy so that Digi Agri can provide best suitable GAP for relevant crops. Crop dependent Farm calendar is provided where we ensure the date wise activities to be monitored to achieve better production with less cost of cultivation.


Computer Vision

Automate Agriculture Processes!

Digi Agri intends to include Machine Vision for automation/guidance of smart farming devices integrated with tractors or separate robots in some cases for harvest, plantation, weeding etc. It helps in identifying/sorting/grading the best crops from bad crops and determination of stable for longer logistics and lower level quality should be passed onto local market.

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